Saturday, June 20, 2009

You are invited to turn yourself into a creepy creature!

So claims the introduction to Creature Costumes (1977, Marcia Lynn Cox), a how-to book providing "...step-by-step instructions for making eight strange monster costumes from inexpensive materials." It's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume, so let's RSVP, shall we?

I love finding ex-library copies with the borrowers' card still attached. Looks like this book got checked out every October, as you'd expect.

"Creature Costumes" contains diagrams, instructions, and photos to help you create eight different "weird, way-out, creepy disguises by yourself with materials that can be found around the house or purchased very inexpensively." The kids modeling the costumes each get a photo and credit too, a nice touch.

My favorite...a creepy old witch.

Also could be the robot-butler from Rocky IV.

Nothing quite says Halloween like a Moon Maiden. Wait--a what now?

Another favorite. Best use of egg-cartons ever.

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micha michelle said...

these are great. i'm definitely gonna find me a copy of this book.