Monday, February 24, 2020

3-D Comics House of Terror (1953, St. John Publishing)

See that magnificent haunted house looming at the end of a crooked path atop a foreboding mountain crag? Get a good look because you won't find it anywhere inside 3-D Comics House of Terror (1953, St. John Publishing).

Cursed objects are instead the subject of the four stories contained within: Picture of the Devil (a painting depicting souls who sold their soul to The Devil), The Violin of Death (a Stradivarius that causes the player to become blind), The Curse of Khar (a psychic's magic trinket), and The Devil's Chair (a chair-shaped stone altar that resurrects the dead.)

The reading experience is enhanced by the included "space goggles", which a noted New York oculist, who wishes to remain anonymous (yes--really! "Name upon request" reads a suspicious footnote...) assures "can do no harm to the vision of children." 

Hopefully the goggles aren't cursed too...

Here is the comic book in its entirety. Dig out a pair of red/blue 3-D glasses--erm, space goggles---and enjoy!