Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dr. Popdoodle's Monsters Sticker Book (Whitman, 1977)

Dr. Popdoodle's Monsters Sticker Book (A Whitman Book #2177, Western Publishing, 1977) is a 16-page coloring and sticker book celebrating the eponymous physician and his menagerie of monstrous patients that wouldn't look out of place in the universe of Mercer Mayer, if Mercer Mayer couldn't draw very well.

Apparently a one-off character created specifically for this book and not based on any existing property, Dr. Popdoodle's Monsters... bears no credit for author or illustrator (though they may very well have borrowed the concept from Mayer's own Professor Wormbog, whose first appearance was the year prior. You tell me.)
The rear cover is a set of cut-out finger puppets, the only detail I could recall from having once owned this book as a child (and in a desperate bid to identify the title, I launched a general appeal to The Internet at large, to no avail).
Below is the entire contents of the book, including the interior pages with and without stickers applied.

First, the stickers:

PAGE 1: Dr. Popdoodle's Monster Parts:

PAGE 2: Ferocious Fanged Fogglewart

PAGE 3: Scaly-Collared Slurper and Hideous Hairy Howler

PAGE 4: Blue-Browed Belly Belcher

PAGE 5: Crimson-Clawed Flower Muncher

PAGE 6: Five-Footed Fompton and Other Creepies

PAGE 7: Weird Wing-Eared Wooklewok

PAGES 8 and 9 (a spread): Dr. Popdoodle to the Rescue, Ailing Forked-Tongue Xerneruptus

PAGE 10: The Fearful Fraternity with Bat-Winged Groucheroo

PAGE 11: Pig-Snoot Grump and Orange-Eyed Feliney Ogre

PAGE 12: Horrible Health-Minded Gorknockle

PAGE 13: Terrible Two-Toed Tree Chomper

PAGE 14: Scuzzy Snake-tailed Fuzzyflaw and Double-Fanged Dopple Gopple

PAGE 15: Scaly-Tailed Long Snoot Snopple

PAGE 16: Floppy-Eared Claw-and-Scrape