Monday, June 29, 2009

Call It Macaroni?

With Independence Day looming, I thought I'd share some patriotic (but admittedly non-scary) books that I found in an old taped-up box way back in the Haunted Closet.

First up is The Story of the Liberty Bell (1965, Natalie Miller, illustrated by Betsy Warren), from the Children's Press Cornerstones of Freedom series. Check out the great cover art:

Here's the title page and an interior illustration:

Next up, my personal favorite, Yankee Doodle (1965, by Dr. Richard Shackburg, with woodcut illustrations by Ed Emberley). I previously posted about Emberley's instructional drawing books (which I would check out continuously from my grade school library). His woodcut illustrations, which accompany the complete lyrics to "Yankee Doodle Dandy" along with historical facts about the song, are exceptional. Here's a few.

Finally, an ex-library copy of a Follett Beginning Social Studies book that looks like it got a lot of mileage...Paul Revere (1965, Gladys R. Saxon, illustrations by Jo Kotula). Below are pages illustrating the Boston Tea Party, the famous midnight ride of Paul Revere, and the opening salvos of the Revolutionary War.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I see there is no way to follow it, unless I'm missing something. I'll just keep it on live bookmarks. :D

Brother Bill said...

Thanks for the kind words, SpookyKK. I have a few followers, so it can be done. If you edit your profile, there is a button that let's you add blogs to your "Blogs I'm Following" list. You'll have to cut/paste the URL into a pop-up box.

-Brother Bill

Ormon Grimsby said...

This reminds me of when they would show Johnny Tremain from Disney in school, all of our crew dug it cause this guy got his hand horribly burned in ...what was it lead or silver....

Brother Bill said...

Ormon: Johnny Tremain had the same effect on me--he does get his hand melted by some molten pewter, and without an ounce of sympathy from the adults around him!