Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cardboard Monster Finger Puppet Book 1970s

UPDATE: Found!

I'm used to wading back into the dark, dusty corners of the haunted closet to dig up forgotten relics from the past, but allow me now to turn the tables and appeal to the collective wisdom of the Internet to help me identify a lost artifact from my own haunted childhood.

It was a book of some kind (coloring book? activity book? sticker book?) with maybe a dozen or so full-color, cut-out, monster finger puppets on the cardboard back cover. It would have come out in the late 1970s, possibly ordered through the Scholastic Book Club. No idea what it was called, who the author or artist was, or who published it.

I'd totally given up finding this book, until a piece of evidence materialized... the equivalent of finding a bloody footprint at a long abandoned crime scene. A photo of one of the elusive monster puppets turned up in a recent post at Plastic Pumpkins. Unfortunately, Plastic Pumpkins blogmaster Steven was in the same boat as me, having only vague memories of the book.

As the detectives say, anything you can remember might be useful. I know its tempting to set aside everything you're doing to work exclusively on this for me, but also allow yourself some personal time to check out Plastic Pumpkins, which is loaded with scans from kids' magazines, roadside attraction ephemera, thrift store treasures, and one of my favorites, The International Language of Wieners.

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Pik-Cor said...

Oh, the Scholastic Book Club! I remember going through their catalogue and ticking every mystery and ghost story there was!

Unfortunately, I don't think I can shed any light on your mystery. Do you think that finger puppet might be a phoenix? Maybe it was a book about mythical monsters?