Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Story and Song From the Haunted Mansion gets an official release on CD!


Something to look forward to during that long wait until Halloween...

The 1969 classic LP "The Story and Song From the Haunted Mansion" is scheduled to get an official CD release on Sept. 22!

Amazon entry found here.

Members of Disney's new fan club D23 will be able to purchase 12 days before, on Sept. 10. (D23 order page found here.)

UPDATE: Just noticed this in the description posted at Amazon:

Bonus Content: Insert this CD into your computer to enjoy a second session of HiRez Collin Campbell images of his original paintings for the 1969 vinyl release.
UPDATE: Interior illustrations from the original LP are included in the CD (only the rear and front-inside sleeve artwork is missing from this CD release). The disc art is even done in the style of the original album label.

Versions of all the paintings with the storybook text removed can be viewed and printed from your PC via this gallery-themed menu (the candles drift around and ambient mansion sound effects are heard while you make your selection).

The bonus track, titled Grim Grinning Ghosts, is a montage of various renditions of the song as heard in the attraction (foyer, ballroom, graveyard, and exit queue) with Ghost Host narration heard for the foyer and Little Leota dialogue for the exit queue.


Kevin Kidney said...

It's going to be fantastic. Now we just need a special CD signing event at the park with Ron Howard and Pete Renoudet!

Brother Bill said...

Maybe in the name of synergy they'll add Audio-Animatronics of Mike and Karen to the attraction!

I shouldn't joke.

Matt said...

wow - great news! thanks for the update

pJ said...

Man, I have the LP of this - it's awesome!

Milo said...

Is the artwork also in digital form on the CD? or just in the booklet?

Brother Bill said...

None: Yes, the artwork is also available in digital format (but can only be accessed, as far as I can tell, through a themed-menu.)

I've updated the post with a few screen-caps.

Unknown said...

I just bought this in Disneyland last week, and I LOVE IT!! I remember having this record as a kid and it was such a blast from the past to put in it and hear the story again.
It is truly awesome!

Brother Bill said...


I know how you feel. After worshipping that album for 30+ years, to finally see it in CD form, sitting on a shelf at Wal-Mart, was surreal to say the least.