Thursday, April 1, 2010

The City of Gold and Lead (Boy's Life, Aug-82 to Feb-84)

Here's the second book in the serial comic adaptation of John Christopher's Tripods trilogy that appeared in Boy's Life magazine in single-page chapters from August '82 to February '84, but never collected or available in any other format. (I previously posted on The White Mountains installments here. Purchase the original novels here.)

In City of Gold..., Will, Henry and "Beanpole" hope to infiltrate the fantastic domed city of the invaders, posing as servants, in order to learn as much as they can about the grotesque aliens and what they have planned for planet Earth. But first they must earn their spot on the mission by competing in a tournament resembling Field Day.

Click any page to embiggen, or browse complete issues at Google books, here.


OlmanFeelyus said...

Dude, great work! I just finished When the Tripods Came and found your blog while looking for a scan of the cover. I didn't know about these comics serializations of the trilogy and I really look forward to reading them. Thanks for taking the time to gather them all in one place!

Unknown said...

Loved it. A blast from my past thank you.