Monday, July 7, 2008

Isn't It Cozy Here?

A delightfully creepy moment from The Daydreamer (1966), a Rankin-Bass feature that combines live-action with "animagic" (aka stop-motion animation), to tell four stories from Hans Christian Andersen. In one of the stories, Thumbelina, our protaganists must enter the home of Mr. Mole--a dark, dank cave crawling with spiders, bugs and bats, who treat us to the memorable musical number, "Isn't it Cozy Here?"


Isn't it cozy? Isn't it cozy? Isn't it cozy here?
Ten spiders, a-gaily spinning,
Nine bats a-hanging pretty,
Eight caterpillars here and there,
Isn't it cozy here?

Seven centipedes a-flitting,
Six ladybugs a-knitting,
Five busy beetles here and there,
Isn't it cozy here?

Four beez a-busy being,
Three fleas a-quickly fleeing,
Two flies right here and there,
Isn't it cozy here?

One mole is here to tend it,
No windows, thats to lend it
A very cheery, friendly air,
Isn't it cozy? Isn't it cozy? Isn't it cozy here?

The Daydreamer is available on DVD here.


CraigP said...

Sheesh I've been trying to find evidence that I really remembered this weird song and movie.I have sung it to my wife and kids for years and they think I'm nuts!
Is there anywhere to catch a glimpse of the scene where this song is sung?

Jody said...

DITTO! I've been torturing my poor wife, humming "Isn't it cozy, isn't it cozy, isn't it cozy here." I'm sure I've butchered the tune and most of the lyrics, but thank you for posting this. I never imagined I'd get any matches, despite the amazing mass information on the web. Thanks again!


Crist said...

I'm so glad I found this website. I thought that this song was from "Mad Monster Party". It runs through my head every Halloween.

Writer said...

I thought it was from "Mad Monster Party" too.