Friday, July 4, 2008

Haunted House Peep Show

From the KnowHow Book of Paper Fun (1975; Annabelle Curtis and Judy Hindley) here's some craft fun that doesn't involve "scrapbooking". Its a Haunted House Peep Show!
I guess the kid who previously owned this book didn't have any paints, so just crossed that item off the list. Problem solved.

All this was only 3 steps? Seems like each step contained several sub-steps. The next two items are extra credit for the ambitious exhibitor--animated figures!

There was a whole series of "KnowHow" books, covering everything from games and toys, to electrical projects, puppets, spycraft, and model airplanes. They even had a mascot of sorts (guy pictured below) who often popped up in the margins to demonstrate the craft or activity.

This particular project came from The KnowHow Book of Paper Fun. Unfortunately this series is no longer in print, but second-hand copies can be found for reasonable prices. These books got a lot of circulation at my grade school library. If you have kids that are crafty, this series is worth seeking out.

Next post, we'll return to Baleful Beasts and Eerie Creatures to take a look in a scary box of a different kind.

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