Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Book of Ghosts

A Book of Ghosts (1974; Pam Adams and Cerl Jones) is a cute little picture book for young children. Every other page is die-cut in a ghost shape, partially revealing the image on the page that follows.
But when you turn the die-cut page and the entire underlying image is revealed, we discover that the "ghost" was merely an illusion.

For example, this pair of twin ghosts... revealed to be shirts drying on a line.

A dark ghost with inhuman eyes... the smoke from a chimney.

This wheepy blue spirit... just a leaky faucet.

This pink and white twosome...?

Can be seen swirling in the washing machine...

Finally, these two mysterious pink shapes...

...are just your own two feet.

I didn't reveal ALL the ghosts here. You'll have to find a used copy to see them all. Happy hunting.

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