Friday, April 13, 2012

Open Wound (70s Halloween Scar Stickers)

I was browsing clip art at one of my favorite retro-art websites, CSA Images, and happened upon this little number:

...which I recognize as coming from a sheet of spooky Halloween stickers meant to be applied to your skin. I purchased it sometime in the late 70s, probably at the neighborhood Super X or TG&Y drug store. I don't remember too much more about it other than each sticker was labeled somewhere on the packaging, and that big gash in the upper left was described as an "Open Wound".

If anyone else has more information on this sticker set, I'd love to hear about it.

UPDATE 3/9/15: Here's a pic of the stickers in packaging from an Ebay listing.

If you aren't familiar with CSA Images, Kirk D. of Secret Fun Spot and its associated blog has a terrific account of a tour he took of their 120,000 square foot warehouse of vintage artwork. ;)

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