Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jack and Jill Magazine (October, 1973)

Here's some scans from the October, 1973 issue of children's magazine Jack and Jill, which is full of Halloween stories, crafts and puzzles.

The photos below are from an article explaining how to make a "pumpkin man" yard decoration.

A brief bio of Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving.

Build-it-yourself skeleton-themed dice game, Shake Rattle N' Roll.

Instructions for building your own miniature Spookie Shack.

A homemade noisemaker, the "Halloween Whirler".

Halloween-themed crossword. Better use a pencil!

A regular feature of Jack and Jill was a gallery of children's art. This issue had some Halloween-themed entries.


Carol said...

So cute! Thanks for posting this!

Bindlegrim said...

The covers are always so cool - yet its easy to forget about all the great content in these. Thank you for sharing all those pages... and I especially LOVE the Spookie Shack project!!!

Little Gothic Horrors said...

The 1970s seem to have been the "Golden Age" for spooky kid's entertainment. The best board games came out of that decade!

Ed McKeogh said...

DUDE!! I've been looking for those "Spookie Shack" directions since ... you would not believe me. I actually made one of them in 1973, but it got "misplaced" by the Free Library of Philadelphia. Now that I have kids of my own, I wanted to make some with them, and THANKS TO YOU, I can. You've made my day! May something tremendously awesome happen to you today!

thefatbasturd said...

Still have my Spookie Shack my mother made 43 years ago.

nannina said...

I was actually looking for the "Baba Yaga and the Alexandrite Ring" story featured on the front cover. Is there any possibility that you could scan that?