Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Farmer and the Witch (1966, Ida DeLage, Gil Miret)

A farmer gets caught up in a feud with a witch in the 1966 picture book The Farmer and The Witch, one of several witch books authored by Ida DeLage and illustrated by Gil Miret. (This story was apparently also published under the title The Witch's Spell.)

After some back-and-forth in which the witch steals the farmer's pie, and the farmer chases her with a hayfork, the feud escalates when the witch concocts a brew to poison his drinking water!

Stirring her mixture 99 times to the left, then 99 times to the right, she recites:

Seven toadstools in a row.
Old black feather from a crow.
Wiggle worm,
Spider spin,
Drop another lizard in.
Big fat grub,
A snail or two.
Cook them up
For witch's brew.

The farmer ends up using a Halloween jack-o-lantern and the witch's left-behind cloak to make a scarecrow.


A_Wonder_Book_Of_Rockets said...

I scored this a few years ago when our library was selling off a massive amount of it's books (I'll pick up anything Halloween related. I thought it was a fun little read.
Cheers to your post!

jeanlass said...

I thought you'd enjoy this:
Scholastic and Arrow books galore! It's amazing how many of these selections *I* remember from my Scholastic days- probably a good ten years before these.


THIS looks SO familiar....I must have owned it...