Monday, October 6, 2008

The Flying Sorceress (1956)

One of my favorite Tom & Jerry cartoons also happens to be perfect for Halloween... "The Flying Sorceress" (1956). Tom answers a classified ad for an old woman seeking a cat. Of course the old woman turns out to be a witch. Check out some of these gorgeous screen caps:

Tom tires of constant chores in this suburban palace.

The old lady's home stands in a perpetual thunderstorm!

Tom's new bed. Yikes.

Tom steals the witch's broom...

But the fun doesn't last for long...

Of course the whole incident was just a dream.

Or was it?

For years the only way to see this classic was in a butchered pan and scan format, the way it was broadcast on television. But now you can enjoy it in all its Cinemascope widescreen glory on DVD. Buy it here.

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Anonymous said...

This brought back many memories! Hahah! I love your blog :)